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Welcome to Elbert Memorial Hospital.
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Our Story

Elbert County was created by the Georgia State Legislature on December 10, 1790, from part of Wilkes County which had included lands formerly ceded by the Cherokees and Creeks in 1773. It was named for Samuel Elbert, noted general in the Revolutionary War and Governor of Georgia in 1785. After Elbert County was cut off from Wilkes County in 1790, three justices were appointed to select a site for the county courthouse. One of the justices was Stephen Heard, Governor of Georgia in 1780. He came from Wilkes County on horseback.

From Kerry Trapnell, CEO

“Elbert Memorial Hospital is dedicated to delivering the best possible healthcare
services to our community. Our staff truly care for each and every patient and
treat them all like family. Come grow with EMH and help keep healthcare local!"

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At Elbert Memorial Hospital, we are proud to support breast cancer patients by providing a wide range of breast health services including biopsies, mammograms, diagnostic ultrasounds and ultrasound guided biopsies. With patient care and comfort as our foundational mission, we can take patients from their initial screening mammogram to the diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound to a biopsy within a 2-3 week period. Join with us, not only during breast cancer awareness month, but by always supporting and encouraging women who are fighting this disease.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Elbert Memorial Hospital is committed to keeping its employees
and patients healthy and safe. Please visit the link below to learn
more about the virus and how you can protect yourself and others.