Welcome To Elbert Memorial Hospital

Endowment Advisory Board Meeting

By: Nancy Seymour  |  02/11/20

Pictured above Front Row L-R:  Bob and Susan Lee, Janet Wiley, Lynn Blackmon, Suraiya Razzak, Christopher Whitworth, Joel Seymour, Sid Adams, Wade Gaines

Back Row L-R: Brooks Arnold, Daniel Graves, Leanne Layne, Betty Rampey, Franklin Whitworth, Bill Simmons, Debra Romine, Kim Johnson Rice, Ryan Adams, Jeana Worley, Shaheen Jalil, Sandra Smith, Jean Little, Kerry Trapnell, Nancy Seymour

The Elbert Memorial Hospital Foundation held it’s Annual Endowment Advisory Board Meeting on Monday, Feb. 10. Sixteen of 28 Endowments were represented. They received reports from the Foundation Chair Leanne Layne, Hospital Authority Chair Daniel Graves, Hospital CEO Kerry Trapnell, and Merrill Lynch Representatives Brooks Arnold and Franklin Whitworth.