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Swing Bed

The Swing Bed Program is a Medicare program
designed to provide additional skilled care to
those needing extra time to heal before returning home.

Services Information

Elbert Memorial Hospital offers a Swing Bed Program which is extremely beneficial for patients who need rehab services following surgery. To learn more about the Swing Bed Program, please call 706-213-2550.


After complete knee replacement surgery, I knew I was not ready to go straight home. I contacted Sally Turpin at Elbert Memorial Hospital, and she explained the program, what it entails and what I would be expected to do. I could not have been more pleased with the program. Dr. J. Poon saw me every day looking at my knee and checked the incision. I had Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy everyday from the best trained staff. They were very helpful and taught me how to use a walker, cane, and other assisted items. Swing Bed was a great transition for me.